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Terms and conditions of hire

Porta Putts

Please take a moment to read over the Terms and Conditions of hire


Equipment is in no way or form to be Misused, Damaged, Or stolen.

Any equipment missing or Damaged, Such as Holes, Putters and Balls, Might incur Extra Charges.

Hirer of equipment will be made Liable for all damage or missing equipment.


Our equipment requires Relatively flat ground to set up on, Such as Flat grass, Deck or Concrete/Pavers.

On day of set-up, Hirer must Ensure safe and easy access to the space for the Equipment.

Equipment will not be walked through house to set-up area, Please ensure other access such as a garage or side access.

Porta Putts reserves the right to refuse set-up if the Space is not as described, Within reason.

Use of equipment

Use of equipment by children must be Supervised by adults at all times.

No food or drink are permitted on the Equipment at any time.

Please ensure use of equipment is done safely.

Please return Putters, Pencils and Balls when Play is finished.


Cancellations or Change of date can be made up to 2 weeks before Commencement of Booking.

Any Cancellations made within this 2 week Period Will lose deposit.

Period of Hire

Period of Hire shall Commence from the Delivery and installation of Hired equipment

Period of hire shall cease after Booking Time expires, Unless Extended by us, In the case of packing up scheduling.


Porta Putts can not be made liable for Damage to other property or Persons with Equipment provided in rental

Porta Putts can not be made liable for Personal injury caused by Hired equipment.


Payment is to be made in full on set up of the Hired equipment on day of set up, 

A Fee will be charged to cover any missing or damaged equipment

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